29 May 2010

Athlete @ Hungry Pigeon Festival Manchester

The Ivor Novello award winning group Athlete kicked off their headlining gig at Hungry Pigeon with some laid back numbers which was to kick-start a thoroughly enjoyable gig. Although slightly mainstream the set itself had lots to offer to the captivated audience the band had attracted, you still felt there was that certain something lacking in the bands songs that hasn't pushed them forward onto that A-list status some many before them have achieved. But, as they were heading off for a tour of the USA the next day you get the feeling that Athlete are still doing something right. But all in all the set consisted of all the songs we expected and more, even if you did get the feeling he didn't like the glare of the photographers lenses on him as, lead singer, Jack Pott seemed pretty happy when they were going. With an outstanding set though, they managed to push away the grey and overcast weather to provide the audience with what they had come to see, a tightly polished set, a downright abundance of great tracks and with intelligent lyrics and great melodies to boot.

Reviews by Alison Goggin

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