24 October 2010

Steve Mason @ kazimier Club

Steve Mason, formally of The Beta Band and King Biscuit was at the Kazimier Club in Liverpool on Friday night for the final night of his first solo tour to promote new album, “Boys Outside”.

With the stage packed with a wide array of musical instruments from guitar to baby bongo drums, the Scot started the set off with, “Lost and Found” a mellow little number with slight traits of Jack Johnson’s laid back style but with catchy undertones in the chorus that gets you gently bouncing along without even realizing. The mood carried on for the next few songs, then took a slighter darker note with, Stress Position” and “The Letter”, which i have to admit didn’t really suit the atmosphere that was created at the beginning of the set, but does show that Steve Mason has the versatility and talent to create different moods in a short space of time.

Pretty soon the atmosphere lightened up again with, “All Over You” and one of my favourite tracks of the night, “All Come Down” which saw melancholy tones and haunting elements to Steve Mason’s vocals. The final song was, “C I Am 15” which saw the big beats and upbeat tempo again which saw him doing an Ian Brown on stage with tambourine in hand and mic held above his head while bouncing melodically around the stage. This one definitely let you recapture the mood of the early 90’s and went down a storm with the crowd.

Steve Mason came back onto the stage for his encore after the Kaza
Kazimiere was filled with whistles, cheering and shouting for more from the audience. Here he took to the stage alone for an acoustic set which allowed him to show a grittier edge to his vocals instead of the gentle mellow tones we had grown accustomed to during the gig. Finally the band rejoined him on stage for the final song; “I Walk the Earth” which sounded like it was heavily influenced by the Stone Roses and had the whole room dancing along to and which saw a fitting end to a thoroughly enjoyable night.

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