28 October 2010

I Blame Coco @ O2 Academy Liverpool

The last time we covered I Blame Coco it was on a lovely sunny day in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Trust and Coco Sumner sported nothing but an acoustic guitar (and clothes of course) .
Tonight though is a completely different affair as the O2 Academy plays host to what has to be one of the brightest rising stars it has seen for a while.

As the Coco crew burst onto the stage the screams are more than audible as the crowd have been waiting in anticipation to see the band. The band launches into their first track with energy and enthusiasm something which does not dissipate throughout the whole show.

Bouncing round the stage, the agile Coco plays to the crowd and to her band members alike and she is not afraid to interact with the audience, whether it be coming down to the front to sing and dance with the lively crowd or standing up high and urging the masses on down below and then realizing that its much easier getting up than it is getting down, the crowd are loving it and so by the looks of it is Coco.

The songs played themselves are varied. From the dark and fore-boding “The Constant” through to the electro pop style of “Quicker” and the reggae beats of “No Smile” there is no doubting that there is something here for everyone and Coco shows her musical versatility by playing a number of instruments on the night

All in all I Blame Coco know how to perform. Whether acoustically or electrically they manage to engage the crowd and leave them wanting more. The only surprise I have is in asking myself why they are not much bigger then they are. With the likes of other less talented bands making a mint, I Blame Coco should be up there with them if not eclipsing them. I’m sure that wont be long in the making though.

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