16 May 2011

The High Llama's @ Williamson Tunnels

Saturday night saw us heading out to the quirky yet intimate venue, Williamson Tunnels, for Harvest Sun Promotions latest musical event. Tonight's event from this great little company, was an offering of chilled out, laid back tunes from The High Llama's, a London based band who have been on the music scene since the 1990's.

The High Llamas consist of Sean O'Hagan,Marcus Holdaway,John Fell,Rob Allum,Dominic Murcott and Pete Aves

I'm still astounded how they managed to fit a xylophone, drums, keyboard, several varieties of guitars and the five band members onto the tiny stage, but I'm pretty glad they did. The High Llama's provided a fantastic sounding array of 60's style music, mixed with Beatles influenced lyrics and a smidge of Pink Floyd's trance like chords.

I have to admit that after a while I felt so chilled out I felt like going for a lie down after the gig. I'm not sure if this is the effect that the band want but hey you never know!! These guys seem so genuine and believe in their music so much it exuded to most of the audience.

Unfortunately there were some who thought it was ok to talk so loud through the first part of the set that at times it was hard to concentrate on the band. But for the true fans, they loved it and after each song they errupted into tremendous applause, which once again saw The High Llama's thanking them.

The High Llama's are on tour throughout the Uk during May and have a new album, "Talahomi Way" out at the moment. If you like your nights out totally chilled then head to see them and let them send the stresses of the day so so far away!!

Review by Alison Goggin

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