19 June 2011

Luke Fenlon Review @ The Masque Theatre Liverpool

I've heard Luke Fenlon's name mentioned a fair few times over the last few months, but I've not heard any of his material yet, so I was looking forward to finally hearing him live.

Taking to the stage at The Masque, Luke Fenlon closely resembles a very young Bob Dylan, with his mop of curls and black leather vintage jacket and from the moment his gravely vocals hit the air, you can understand why he's recently signed a major record deal.

With lyrics and a voice far beyond his years, he's only 19 just in case you were wondering, Luke flowed effortlessly through a flawless set, which included "Demons" a catchy little rock number, "That Girl" which had plenty of folk undertones courtesy of the cellist on stage. This was followed by, "Never Try, Never Fail", an angst ridden song, that had the small intimate crowd captivated.

He followed this with, "Beneath Factory Floors" a haunting ballad style song and, to finish the set "Gin" a song that proves that even the most simple lyrics and music can have an amazing effect.
After the crowd had cheered for more, Luke came back onto stage for an encore, combining, "Empire State of Mind" and "New York, New York". I have to admit, it didn't really work for me, but as he said, it was the first time he'd tried something like that, so we shall put that down to trial and error and hope he sticks to his own original music, he definitely doesn't need to do covers of any kind. Thankfully the set was finished with his own music.

With a voice that can go from gentle and soulful to gravely rock in a blink of an eye, brilliant lyricist and talented guitar player, I can see the UK and further afield will be hearing a lot more from this truly talented 19 year old very very soon.

Review by Alison Goggin

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