20 June 2011

Strawhouses Review @ The Masque Theatre Liverpool

I don't normally give a support band a separate review, but after watching Strawhouses tonight at The Masque, who supported Luke Fenlon, I personally believe they warrant it.

This four piece band combine rock and indie to an amazing effect and along side lead singer, Paul Donnely's Robert Smith style vocals and Jarvis Cocker hip movements, they make fantastic viewing.

Their set included, "Malaise", "Train Wreck" and "Way of the World" a heady bass fueled number, which saw them rock out over the minuscule stage.

My favourite of the night though had to be, "Fireworks"which was influenced by World War 1 poetry, which saw Paul's crystal clear vocals crying out over The Masque, they have managed to combine serious lyrics with a catchy drum beat, resulting in a song loaded with emotion and energy.
With a fantastic on stage rapport between the band member and songs that any A list band would be proud to call their own, I'm hoping that Strawhouses will soon be on that list as well

Review by Alison Goggin

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  1. Alison. I have to admit I was there to see Luke Fenlon, but was well impressed by Strawhouses. Even collared myself a £1 CD, which made for enjoyable listening on the drive home!!!!! Brian Jones.

  2. Alison, fully endorse all your comments re Strawhouses @ the Masque- have seen them many times- brilliant , just need exposure to a bigger audience to help them on their way. For your information "Fireworks" video is on you-tube under Strawhouses new year broadcast 2010 - view the extended version - 10 minutes in total - has an interesting song at the end besides fireworks.take care

  3. i saw them through a link that came up on my home page of sauls,so i had a nosey,sooo glad i did,i played batteries over a couple of times then looked at 2 more sent off for the cd,it came the next day,played it over n over,then saw that the next day they were playing,so went and saw them,they are a band that instantly caught me,i d say they re even better live,an added rawness that often does nt come over on cd s,i love pauls voice,reminds me of brets out of suede without trying to be,they deserve to be heard