11 June 2011

The Wombats @ Ibiza Rocks 2011

Before they even arrived on stage, the crowd were shouting and cheering for The Wombats to come on after being hyped up by Doorly, Ibiza Rocks resident DJ. and Brother, a young indie/pop band, but in their eyes want to be classed as "Gritpop" according to their website, who hail from Slough. They act and sound vocally like they are trying to fill Oasis's shoes thanks to lead singer, Leonard Newall. Personally, I think they have a very long way to go and definitely do not have the blow you away effect Oasis had from their music.

From the opening track, a gentle melodic opener, which rose to an 80's frenzy, courtesy of lead singer, Matthew Murphy synthesiser sounds, which have now become synonymous with The Wombats, you got the feeling this was going to be a great gig and I wasn't wrong.

Throughout the set, The Wombats, allowed plenty of pointy finger moments, especially during, "Kill The Director" which saw the crowd bouncing and singing along with huge enthusiasm, especially to it's catchy chorus. This carried on throughout the set as they played, firm favourites "Moving to New York", "Lets Dance To Joy Division", "Party in the Forest, "Patricia the Stripper" and brand new track, "Techno Fan", released on 20th June, which I'm pretty sure is going to be an instant hit after the way the fans received it.

By the time we got to "Backfire At The Disco", the crowd went absolutely ballistic from the opening notes and if Ibiza Rocks would have had a roof it would definitely have been blown right off by the time it finished.

I can say with all honesty that The Wombats put their heart and soul into their music and it shows on stage, as they exuded sheer energy throughout the whole set and brought Ibiza Rocks back to it's original roots and rocked it to it's core.

Review by Alison Goggin

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