2 November 2011

Exclusive Interview with Tyla from Dogs D'amour

The Dogs D'Amour are a rock and roll band formed in 1983 in London, England. Over the years the band has had various line-ups, the only constant being vocalist Tyla.

Our man on the scene, Bryan Heath, got to talk to the man himself on the cusp of their new UK tour and ask him a few questions regarding the old members and his notorious rock and roll life style.

How are the preparations for the tour coming along? Looking forward to it? What can the audience expect? 

YES, everything on schedule looking good and cant wait for it to start. 

Any plans to do any of the old material (Errol Flynn, satellite kid?) and what, if any new stuff do they intend to play?

Well if you just do new stuff the older fans moan and if you only do old stuff new fans moan so its hard to keep everyone happy so we will be doing a wide selection of everything old and new. should be about an 8 hour set, only joking about an hour and a half, basically if we don’t have a curfew I would keep going as long as the fans stay. 

You have a reputation for being the "rock star" (drinking lots, partying etc) does this still go on or has age calmed you down? 

Well I still like the odd drink or two but being a family guy with 2 kids its not best to get wasted with them around lol 

A lot of the old skool fans would like to see the original Dogs D'amour again,will there be any chance of the old line up getting together at some point?

Well one is in L.A one in Middlesborough  one in New York so booking a studio is a problem lol, no we still keep in touch, calls and emails but they are busy with their things and I'm just keeping on with mine. 

You have 18 solo albums..any plans for any more?? 

Oh yes, I just keep working you know pen and paper in pocket and it just comes when it comes, I have even written lyrics down on my oyster card in the past! I am redoing all the old albums including A graveyard of empty bottles, the record company didn’t want to do it so I'm going to do it myself with some new videos as well. I have already put a couple on YouTube so check it. 

You used to do the artwork for your covers do you still do the art? 

Yes yes that’s what I do I love it, I love painting guitars, becoming a musician was never my dream I just started doing it and I'm lucky to be still at it but art is always something I will love to do. 

I always thought of you as an American band as you had that look, I was surprised to discover you were actually British, do you get that a lot?
Yes some people think I'm American, Australian but I have a background from Portsmouth and the midlands. (said with an unmistakable midland accent!)

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