3 January 2012

Richard There - If the world calls, please leave a message Review

Richard There - If the world calls, please leave a message Review

A quote from Richard There's website about himself goes as follows "Richard was born there but is always trying to come here. Richard was born very young and always hoped to die very old. After his second death (both in young age) he decided that he would never hope anything again. In his new life free of hope, Richard tryes to forget the things that he still remember. Since then nobody never heard anything about" 

This just about sums up the man himself. Enigmatic and mysterious and his music follows the same route. We were lucky enough to review 3 of the tracks from the album "If the world calls, please leave a message"

Starting with "Silence Train" this atmospheric piece uses both music and words/vocals in a strange but hypnotic way. The words draw you in and hold you there whilst the music plays alongside beautifully. You can almost imagine yourself on this dream-like train travelling to nowhere but enjoying the ride.
Next was "Everyday". This is far simpler than Silence Train. The guitar repeating over and over whilst Richard, perhaps in the form of the bored protagonist, finally realises that things will happen over and over again. The guitar nicely building up along with the realisation of the singer. Very thick,warm piece that you could imagine yourself sitting in a rocking chair by a log fire listening to.

And last but not least "Listening to my Breath" The best of the 3 tracks we listened to. This one is certainly a grower and the listener may have to go over it a few times before it becomes apparent as to what is going on. A mixture of talking and singing this song pulls you in but all of a sudden, without warning, stops! Its an abrupt ending to a decent track which leaves you a bit lost. 

The variation in the tracks may not be huge but each has their own unique sound,quality and lyrical ability to keep you there. Each track takes a different turn and nothing really is the same. Probably something Richard feels within himself. That nothing is static, always changing and this certainly comes through in the music.

You can download the whole album FOR FREE at the link below.  And we have attached a whole plethora of links for you to see and hear Richard do what he does best.

Some live videos:
My last show (which was pretty wtfucked) with this improvisation song with a lady that randomly came to the place.

And here a new version for the Robots song (which is in the last album)

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