16 February 2012

Terra Naomi Review @ The Shipping Forecast

Terra Naomi Review @ The Shipping Forecast Liverpool

A laid back intimate night was in order on Wednesday at the Shipping Forecast as Terra Naomi finally returned to Liverpool for the final night in the UK as part of her European tour.

From the opening number, "If I Could Stay", you can tell she is in an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, with a fabulous vocal range, that managed to incorporate powerful vocals with beautiful angelic tones that left the Shipping Forecast audience mesmerized by her.

We were treated to songs from old and new albums, including "You For Me" which is an upbeat, catchy little number with quirky lyrics, "In The Summertime" a happy feeling number even though it's surprisingly about a funeral as we were told be her and, "Nothing To Hide" which hasn't even been recorded yet, but as soon as it is, I definitely suggest you listen to it asap.

We were also treated to a couple of covers, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", Hallelujah", which is one of my favorite songs of all time and this rendition was definitely right up there with the original and most surprisingly, "Billy Jean" which I have to say, if Michael Jackson had sung it like that, I may have actually been a fan.

Throughout the hour long set, Terra, kept the crowd enthralled with her beautiful voice and engaging stage presence, with little anecdotes about her life and how the songs came about, and the time flew past far too quickly.

I've been to quite a few accoustic gigs in the Shipping Forecast but I have to say that this one has to have been the best I've ever seen or heard there. Judging by the audience's response I think I can safely say they did too.

Terra has hinted that there will be a return to the Shipping Forecast in September 2012 and I strongly suggest, if this is finalised you get down there as this is one lady, you will want to see perform.

Review by Alison Goggin 

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