18 May 2012

MusicMafia presents....Left of Manila

Left of Manila

MusicMafia presents....Left of Manila

Imagine the dark electronic soundscapes of Gazelle Twin blended with the psychedelic off-kilter melodies of Animal Collective and you are somewhere near to the idiosyncratic world of Left of Manila.  A world where your ears are free to roam, float and trip through hypnotic tribal rhythms, lush synthesised landscapes and mantric vocals. A placeless, timeless local that gives the listener a sense of motion, a sense of leading somewhere.... 

Taken from Left of Manila’s debut ‘Coast’ EP (out 2nd July on Bakermoon Records). 
Listen to EP tracks At Your Side (lead track) here and Asleep in Stone here 
Calling all explorers and nomads…  
LEFT OF MANILA are an electronica duo from Oxford. Their music explores transportation in its many forms. For them, music is a journey where melody is key.  Mish Pharaon and Ed Bentley met in the Alpine town of Chambery, France, while at university. The pair quickly bonded over a love of weird psychedelia and electronic music, putting on nights in the Alps fusing Mish's decks with Ed's guitar and vocals. 
Now rooted in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, the duo have honed their sound in Mish's Grannyflat Studios. Pharaon built and runs the studios, engineering and producing artists the likes of old folk controversialist Peggy Seeger, daughter of Pete Seeger, alongside up and coming acts like A Band of Buriers. Ed Bentley previously released an EP under the moniker Hektor Red, recorded with west London indie, Mi7 Records, he is also a member of Adam Ficek (of Babyshambles) touring band Roses Kings Castles. 

Why nomads? 
Left of Manila: “We enjoy being on the road and off it, both musically and physically, and are drawn to the transitory nature of rhythm - the comings and goings of a drum beat, the pursuit of a rare groove, a piper and his call. The essence, in essence, of movement. Capturing these moments on record, in passing, or at live gatherings, is what we strive after and wherever possible we like to preserve it for all to hear” 
The three tracks on debut EP Coast have been shortlisted for the US series The Killing and Breaking Bad. 
Upcoming shows: 

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