25 March 2012

Ben Sommer - Super Brain - Album Review

Ben Sommer - Super Brain

Ben Sommer - Super Brain - Album Review

Ben Sommer is a composer and performer making edgy, political prog-rock. Full, amusingly illustrated bio is available at

The album Super Brain is at times an outpouring from Ben Sommer's.With a political slant to some of the songs it feels like a giant out-pouring of ideas and thoughts and as the tracks go on they do seem to descend into a madness that probably only Ben understands.

The excellently titled "I married a prostitute" reminded me of something the great Frank Zappa would come up with. With its witty title and its concoction of different styles within the track. 

 "Belly mother" uses a wonderful trumpet on the track and though this may sound odd taken in the context of the over-all heavy feeling of most of the tracks,it works and gives it a jazz feel. 

 "Consumerism" was brilliant. Made up completely of the word SHOPPING done as if they were Benedictine Monks to highlight,in my opinion, the religion that is peoples obsession with buying tat that they don't need. This is a wonderful mixed bag of an album and with titles that want to make you listen to them just to see what they are about and then being pleasantly surprised to find they are,at times, even crazier than the titles themselves.

The vocals, from Ben,are not the smoothest but they work within the context of the majority of the tracks. His heavy metal influence apparent on a lot of the tracks to.

The whole album gives me the feeling it has been written for some crazy off Broadway musical.In fact at times I thought I was listening to the soundtrack to an elaborate rock opera and one I'd probably like to go see! 

Track Listing 
1) Young Turks 
2) I Married a Prostitute 
3) Baby Mother 
4) Consumerism 
5) Militarism 
6) Cadaverism 
7) Fist 
8) De Profundis 
9) Count to Twelve 
10) Dark Grey Matter 
11) Deo Gracias Angilia 
12) Cloaca Maxima 

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