20 June 2012

Website ANOTHER LAZY SUNDAY aim to support underground artists


Website ANOTHER LAZY SUNDAY aim to support underground artists

Having completed our first stage and ensuring the sustainability of the company, our desire is to involve artists at a higher level of development in order to share our vision and our ethos, artists who, independently, have preserved their integrity and identity.

We believe it is possible to break down walls of misunderstanding and unnecessary rivalry created between the different sectors in the industry to create a healthier environment which minimizes the loss of valuable talent, maximizing, in turn, professionalism and economic performance. We at ALS believe that your collaboration can serve as a catalyst to build
a stronger independent scene where talent is given priority over market

Our aim is to support and develop great underground artists from the UK and beyond and to offer them the services they need for various stages of that development. Our relationship begins with the discovery of artists with enough determination and vision to reach their goals with the help and resources we provide.

We start with the filming of a documentary introducing the band. This is then followed by a live performance at one of our monthly live events. All the videos are shot in a single take which means they are all live recordings. Each artist has chosen the location of their shoot and each
has been encouraged to choose locations that either mean something to them or are important to their music in some way

As the relationship is developed by mutual agreement, ALS offers artist development advice, booking agent services in Europe, production, branding, legal advice and/or media marketing service.

Since we started last year we have consolidated a great relationships with a few of the most exciting and promising artists in the underground scene:

Will And The People -

Small Town Jones -

The Joker and The Thief -

Franky And The Jacks -

Please, check our website to find more.

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