19 June 2012

Wild Combination Free EP download

Wild Combination

Wild Combination Free EP download

Wild Combination release their 4-track debut EP, which is FREE to download from:

Essex of late has become synonymous nationally with TV shows exposing feeding time at the zoo. The band Wild Combination, a trio comprising of Daniel Williams (guitar), Christian Wright (keys and vocals) and Terry Clark (Drums and vocals), also hail from Essex. However, they prefer to think of Underworld, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode and Squarepusher as examples of the good that can come from this county.

Wild Combination are actively encouraging people to listen to and share their music, as they give away their debut EP for free via their website. The Guardian’s Paul Lester has already been spinning the opening track ‘When We’re Together (We Don’t Worry)’ on his Amazing Radio show and the band performed a stripped back version of ‘Stay In Sight Of These Shores’ for Mahogany blog earlier this year, which has racked up over 9,000 plays on You Tube.

EP opener ‘When We’re Together (We Don’t Worry)’ demonstrates their staple heartbeat bass synth pulse, but comes closer to the upbeat vibes of Phoenix. ‘Pet Talk’ brings the band’s love for left field electronics to the forefront and exposes why many have compared them to The Postal Service. EP closer ‘CS Hatey’ is a larger statement of instrumental intent, which has been described by Dani Charlton of Amazing Radio as ‘‘A glorious piece of post rock I want to go on for 7mins… I love the beating heart beneath it”. It’s post rock with a melodic beating heart. The tonal pulse is this time created by drum tones and the initial introduction of piano and
accordion builds to a climax, reminiscent of post rock Sigur Ros or instrumental M83.

Wild Combination are currently in the studio finishing off their album, but you can catch them live at the following dates:

1st July @ Old Queens Head, Angel, Islington
18th July @ Proud, Camden

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