15 July 2012

Richie Luna releases Celebrate - The Peopleʼs Anthem of 2012

Richie Luna -Celebrate - The Peopleʼs Anthem

Richie Luna releases Celebrate - The Peopleʼs Anthem of 2012

The Olympic Summer Anthem is here!

Experience the positive energies, nationalistic euphoria and team unity with Richie Lunaʼs breakthrough musical production “Celebrate - The Peopleʼs Anthem of 2012.”

Richie Luna, a new artist to the musical scene, hails from the moon and has beamed onto Earth to spread positive energies and Light through music and sound across the planet.

To overcome the forces of darkness, Richie Luna wants the entire world to “Celebrate” this summer, so that happiness and joy will reign supreme as the entire globe gets together to “Celebrate” the epic Summer Olympics in London.

Richie Luna wants all of the people of the world to believe in themselves, so that each and every person can shine their light through any darkness that may exist in front of them. However, in order to achieve this, we must all truly believe in ourselves as a team and unite together as one with a force so positive, that nothing will be able to stop this celebration.

Letʼs get together as One, and Celebrate! We cannot wait any longer, because now is the time, to shine your light. As quoted from the “Celebrate” track, “Youʼre at the starting line, youʼre nearly there. All you have to do is, believe itʼs here. There you go, moving at the speed of Light. Iʼll see you, on the finish line.”

Come on letʼs Celebrate!


- talkSPORT UK will be using "Celebrate" as a soundbed during the Olympics
- ESPN will be using "Celebrate" during their World Football sessions on television
- iTV Sport will be programming 'Celebrate' into their sport campaign
- NME TV said that Celebrate "makes you want to get on your feet and jump" and will be programming the song into their Olympic Campaign
- Arsenal, Bristol, Liverpool, Everton, Wigan, Birmingham and Chelsea have all added "Celebrate" onto their playlist for play during matchday games and sporting events 

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