6 January 2013

Dead Sons announce debut album The Hollers and The Hymns

Dead Sons The Hollers and The Hymns

Dead Sons announce debut album The Hollers and The Hymns

Jack knifed amongst the decaying wastelands of long forgotten industries, the black heart of the city breeds life into sharp, tongued souls and sex room vixens. Over the roar of passing pistons a doom cloud gathers awaiting the monsoon of cocaine bandits.

In a disused pay phone all that is lost can be seen strewn across the walls, a dick tease snake fight unearths an underground typhoon of abandoned love. Pulsating rhythms create a smoke screen haze that leaves a legion of cut, throat marauders to roam the streets with death stare haste. A love gun smokes with danger as a shit storm erupts in the cold night air. Temptations can be heard as headboards break and blindfolds cover the eyes of strangers.

A landslide of wet dreams leaves those alone aching for more while a brain freeze wind blows sordid tales of lust and revenge through the concrete alleyways……………Boom Fucking Boom. Hypnotic howls, death drum rolls; organ buries deep within whilst melody embraces and enshrouds, bass moves mountains and guitars induce panic. This is disorientation; this is ‘DEAD SONS’.

Dead Sons were introduced to the world in July 2010 to a capacity hometown crowd. The gig marked the beginning of a whirlwind journey for the band, which has taken them far and wide. From theatres to vintage shops, stadiums to cellars, brandishing their unprecedented sound and demonic, powerful stage presence.

The band have honed their unique style both on the road and locked away in the weary industrial surroundings of their self-built studio. They continue to grow as one, exploring all dimensions of song writing and noise making. Not afraid to push the limits and always striving for the perfect sound on this their debut album ‘The Hollers and The Hymns’.

Upcoming shows:

16th February - Library Theatre, Sheffield

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