8 January 2013

Dead wolf Club release second album RAR

Dead wolf Club

Dead wolf Club release second album RAR

Since the last album the Dead Wolf Club have supported The Wedding Present, The Black Belles, Our Lady Peace, Bow Wow Wow and Atari Teenage Riot.

They have also played many niche Festivals from 1234 through to Lodestar.

The Second album from Dead Wolf Club epitomises the economic and social struggles in the UK presently.

"RAR" Is what you start seeing when you have been out in the snow for too long. Your mind makes up distortions of shapes and these can appear as monsters. These monsters are apparitions of the past and the future. 

'RAR' Is also data compression and error recovery. 

In a world too heavily reliant on cell phones, computers, tv and media, RAR throughout comments on the escapsim of these trappings. 

Its religion vs science, nature vs science, fate vs determination. Is it all for one or one for all?

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