20 January 2013

Honeymilk release new single "This Time Around"


Honeymilk release new single "This Time Around"

Honeymilk's debut single "It Might Be" was well recieved among bloggers and radio stations all over the world upon its release in September 2012. It went straight to the top 10 list of most played songs on the official Swedish College radio list and was hailed on such great blogs as Tin Man London, Radio Insomnia and The Mad Mackerel. Since the debut release the band's been on tour in Sweden and has been mentioned as one of the country's biggest "buzzes" at the moment by Spotify spinoff Tunigo.”

The single, ‘It Might Be’ combines a typically indie vibe with some notable guitar work to make for a very catchy song, I’m currently listening to it for the fourth time in about ten minutes. (…) If this is a taster of more things to come from Honeymilk then I will certainly be keeping an eye out.” - TinMan London (UK)

Honeymilk’s debut single It Might Be is as boisterous and as spiky a slab of indie rock as anything we’ve heard recently” - The Mad Mackerel (UK)

On January 21st Eat Your Greens Music will release the new Honeymilk single "This Time Around (The Gods Won't Save Me)" - an anguish ridden song about making things undone. Honeymilk continues to grow and find more subtile arrangements and instrumentation on the band's way to a debut album later this year.

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