22 January 2013

Snow disaster for Birmingham based hard rockers Eight Great Fears

Eight Great Fears

Snow disaster for Birmingham based hard rockers Eight Great Fears

The members of a Birmingham-based alternative rock band Eight Great Fears were devastated when they were forced to cancel their shoot for their music video due to the recent extreme weather conditions. The five-piece had spent months planning the date only to be forced to cancel last minute because the snow had completely wrecked the set proposed for the bands debut music video for their forthcoming single titled ‘Launchpad McQuack’.

The bands Singer James Kriaun stated that “The roof of our intended set collapsed due to the sheer weight from the build up of snow and destroyed everything in the process”. To add insult to injury, not long after the band had discovered that their set was ruined, Eight Great Fears bass player Dean was shot in the backside with a pellet gun by an unknown passer by. Bass player Dean Bowyer from Birmingham was luckily not seriously hurt but received a big bruise on his rear as a result of the fired pellet.

“We were of course all completely gutted that our music video had to be cancelled, I spent the entire morning and afternoon phoning all the extras we had arranged to come down to stay at home when out of nowhere I received a sharp jab in my bottom, none of us could see who fired it, luckily the snow I fell into after helped cool my wound down somewhat”

– Dean Bowyer

The band now have to reschedule their music video for March and are asking music fans to be patient with them while they make arrangements for a new music video shoot to happen. Guitarist Gavin Jones added “Despite the set back we are all going to do our best to make the music video happen in time for the single release, in fact we are now going to make it even bigger and we are going to give fans the opportunity to be in our debut music video for our single”. The band who are currently recording tracks for their forthcoming album are highly influenced by bands such as Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Queens ofthe Stone Age and are hoping to do a UK tour this summer.

Music fans interested in being in the Eight Great Fears music video can contact the band via Twitter on

Mini Band Bio:

Eight Great Fears is a progressive inspired experimental rock band from the Midlands. Have toured the UK with the likes of Left For Red, Salvation, Wrapped In Plastic and Hostile. The band uses a mixture of complex time changes, supernatural sounding vocals, diverse effects and big guitar riffs to shape their infamous signature sound.

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