19 April 2013

Sonar Promises A Unique Experience At The Capstone Theatre


Sonar Promises A Unique Experience At The Capstone Theatre

On Friday 3 May, Liverpool’s Capstone Theatre is playing host to SONAR, a post-minimal-rock band from Switzerland. As a small chamber orchestra, they have just recorded their second album. SONAR creates a unique sound without the use of sequencers, loops or electronics. SONAR performs music in its purest form which results in spellbinding performances.

The critically acclaimed band’s unique name is short for Sonic Architecture which describes the band’s purpose, to conjure up breathtaking musical atmospheres, soundscapes and intricate aural spaces. SONAR’s trademark sound is shaped through use of two specially tuned guitars, a bass guitar, three small amplifiers and a basic drum kit.

"You might need a moment to get used to Sonar's idiosyncratic sound world. But once you are in, you don't want to leave..." (Nik Bärtsch, pianist and ECM recording artist)

SONAR is the collective effort of Stephan Thelen, Berhard Wagner, Christian Kuntner and Manuel Pasquinelli. An interval known as ‘Diabolus in Musica’ creates an experience where music is as direct and upfront as possible. SONAR’s performances create a bold but harmonically enjoyable musical cosmos.  By using unusual harmonies as well as complex and layered ‘polyrhythms’ the group allows their listeners to re-experience the mystery and magic of hearing music for the first time. Just about everything is different with SONAR, the sound, the harmonies, the rhythms, the whole musical concept. This is truly music as you’ve never experienced it before and a one of a kind musical performance.


Friday 3 May

Venue Information

The Capstone Theatre
Shaw Street,
L6 1HP

In person: TicketQuarter, Mersey Travel Centre, Queen Square, Liverpool, L1 1RG.
Ticket Quarter Box Office: 0844 8000 410*or online at*

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