8 April 2013

Wilberforces - Paradise Beach


To those who are agitated, confused or bewildered about when the next Wilberforces release would surface, rest assured there is a date. Sometimes you just have to be cautious; especially when it comes to releasing something on 12” vinyl.
A German vinyl pressing for all those audiophiles out there who might be interested…
Such has been the air of intrigue that is now bordering onto an impatient wait for the six tracks that Thom Burton and Chris Varnham have crafted, we've actually gone out on a limb and are going to say April 26th 2013 will be the release date.
Good things do take time though. Recorded under the watchful eyes of Jackson Hobbs (who,you may recall, helmed the recording process for their last album, Vipassana) and Steven Huf and skilfully mastered by Shelley Steffens of Chicago Mastering Services the tail end of 2012,we're all pretty confident it's been worth the wait.
Somewhat of a shift away from the ominous undertones of Vipassana, Paradise Beach employs what some may view is a “full-bodied” sound. The use of layered guitar parts and harmonies, ethereal moments such as “Black Ice” and “When The Dolls Woke” blend together on the release with pop-skewed cacophonies including single “Paradise Beach” and the track “Magdalene Brothers.” Some may tout it as “left-of-centre” in terms of a Wilberforces release – others may cite it being a logical progression when charting the history of the band's musical output.
What will no doubt be unanimous is that it's another incredibly strong release from a New Zealand band still hitting their stride.
Exit International
Paradise Beach
Black Ice
When The Dolls Woke
Magdalene Brothers
Fire In The Hills

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