19 September 2013

Denmark's The Woken Trees announce new UK tour dates

Denmark's The Woken Trees announce new UK tour dates

Denmark's The Woken Trees announce new UK tour dates

After conquering Scandinavia’s underground rock scene, Copenhagen based six-piece The Woken Trees have announced they will be making a rare appearance in the UK this autumn with slots confirmed at both this year’s Liverpool Pysch Fest and the Reverb Conspiracy release party in London.

Known for their barren atmospheric songs and challenging music videos, The Woken Trees are cold and clinical in a way that echoes the despair of a generation truly comfortable in a life devoid of hope, leading the bands’ brooding material to be labelled disturbing in the same country that invented “black metal”.

Less ‘stage props’ and more eccentric Danish youth, the band voluntary swapped their practice space in an old hay loft in the already desolate Danish village of Tversted for the freezing cold cellar of an abandoned villa just outside Copenhagen, where they honed their craft by both living and playing together constantly. These masochistic and draining sessions managed to capture the band’s penchant for isolation yet also retain an air of reserved Nordic despair, all while leading to enough material for debut album, NNON.

Cold and remorseless, bleak and nihilistic; NNON was released by Fuzz Club Records this past March and instantly catapulted the band to the forefront of the underground music scene throughout Scandinavia and earned rave reviews in Denmark’s largest music magazines such as GAFFA and Soundvenue. Relentless tourers known for their legendary frenetic and raw sold out live shows, this year has seen the band spread their chaotic energy everywhere from warehouse parties in Berlin, large scale venues in both Scandinavia and the Netherlands, supporting both The Telescopes (and oddly enough) Palma Violets in Denmark and also performing at this year’s Roskilde Festival. This autumn sees them embrace the colder months with new UK dates, an inclusion on this years’ Reverb Conspiracy compilation and appearances at both Liverpool and Aarhus Pysch Festivals. A live band not to be missed, The Woken Trees are assured to be the next Scandinavian band to leave their own peculiar stamp on the UK this September.


Sept 28th – LIVERPOOL – Liverpool Psych Festival

Oct 4th – LONDON – Shacklewell Arms (The Reverb Conspiracy)

Oct 9th – STOCKHOLM – Lilla Hotelbaren (w/ The Blue Angel Lounge)

Oct 11th – AARHUS – Aarhus Psych Festival


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