19 September 2013

The All Seeing Hand - Mechatronics

The All Seeing Hand - Mechatronics

The All Seeing Hand - Mechatronics

We're about to release perhaps one of the more intriguing albums as of late from October 1st; "Mechatronics", by Wellington trio The All Seeing Hand, will be out through MUZAI Records (NZ) and Tenzenman (Australia) on CD, Vinyl and worldwide on Bandcamp - perhaps earning some nods to the likes of Death Grips or, perhaps even more so in it's pure left-field nature, Aphex Twin, the group have become synonymous with the idea of avant-garde creation - much akin to the likes of Orchestra of Spheres.

The All Seeing Hand are collaborators in conversion. Sound shapes minds, and the amalgam of turntables, throat singing and drums holds potent persuasive powers. The Turntables provide a dense weaved fabric of sounds and create a subliminal future from the carcasses of redundant songs. The Throat inhales your spent breath and mumbled words, and exhales harmonic rich vocals; while you struggle to hear the language your synapses are firing new paths. The Drums resonate with your heart, then beat it irregular; while your chest collapses with pounding toms, your brain pulsates with frantic snares.

The All Seeing Hand is comprised of Alphabethead (masterful Turntablist gestated in the Hip Hop battle scene before branching into every direction at once, working everything from orchestral gamelan and Inuit folk music to post-punk and electronica into his compositions) Jonny Marks on vocals (a true sonic explorer, traditionally-trained Mongolian throat-singer and high-energy front-person) and B Michael Knight on drums (schooled in the energy of DIY punk and hardcore, tightly binding the whole sound together with driving rhythm that is equal parts chaos and precision).

These elements combine into a band of dissonant, dense beauty and intense live shows that leave observers in an ecstatic state of both wonder and confusion.

The single, Empty Hand, is currently streaming on Soundcloud (

Perhaps, however, it's the video of their performance at Campus A Low Hum earlier this year that will strike you the most however - giving you the impression just how enigmatic the band are

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