9 October 2013

MusicMafia presents Masiro

MusicMafia presents Masiro

MusicMafia presents Masiro

Instrumental mathcore types Masiro return from some heavy studio sessions with their highlyanticipated debut EP. The release fuses sounds of tech-metal, post rock and prog-jazz to form five tracks of methodical mayhem. 

Masiro formed in late 2011, originally as a duo of hard-hitting drums and intricate spacious guitar sounds, but soon started utilizing experimental sampled audio for their live shows. This ordered chaos is distinctively captured on their first self-titled recording. 

After a year of performances and this EP release, the two-man project gained a third member on bass guitar, deepening and enriching their sound with whole new arrangement possibilities and increasing the intensity of live shows. Now featuring ex-members of masked math-metallers Dr. Slaggleberry and noise riff-monsters 50ft Panda, this subsequent sonic maelstrom marks a new era for the mathcore trio Masiro. 

"Masiro is the follow-up project that came out of Dr Slaggleberry and treads a similarly obstinate funked-up, f*cked-up instrumental mathcore path. Stripped down to guitar and drums there’s no excess weight being carried, just lean, abrupt instrumental duelling that takes influences from the likes of Mr Bungle, the harder ends of the Chili Peppers and Primus." Ronan Munroe, Nightshift music magazine 

"There are the same twisty influences of yore, such as Don Caballero, Zu, Lightning Bolt, Hella, and so on, but with a slightly funkier, cheekier edge... Intricate yet pummelling abstract metal instrumentals." Richard Catherall, Gappy Tooth Ind. Promotion

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