4 April 2014

Glasgow band The Urchins release Debut single I Feel A Fall Coming

Glasgow The Urchins Debut single I Feel A Fall Coming

Glasgow band The Urchins release Debut single I Feel A Fall Coming

Formed in 2012, The Urchins are an eclectic indie rock band from the outskirts of Glasgow, consisting of two sets of brothers and a close friend. All members are born from a shared vision of creativity and a burning ambition to be the biggest band In the world.

The band's gritty rock and roll tunes along with some indie acoustics give a foundation for a mesmerizing sound which almost takes you on a journey back to the 60's. Haunting and open synth melodies create intricate patterns with electric guitars and a steady, funk-inspired rhythm section.

The Urchins refuse to get stuck in a box, preferring instead to experiment with their music and push their sound to new directions. You can expect anything from a jangly 60's pop hook to something more experimental and 'out-there'. Although they manage to create songs with different concepts and ideas, there is always a blueprint, a 'stamp' imprinting the band’s personality over the song.

From the O2 to The Barrowlands, they have covered most of the city's top venues for up and coming acts. With a catalogue of songs which have blossomed over the years, The Urchins undoubtedly consider songwriting their main drive behind the push they're making into the guitar music scene.

Debut single 'I Feel A Fall Coming' is released on Platform Records - available at all download stores from April 7th 2014.

The Urchins:
Steven O'Neill – Vocals
Simon Regan - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Chrissy O'Neill - Lead Guitar
Martyn Regan - Drums
Jonny Carroll - Bass Guitar

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