4 May 2014

Broken Flowers - Amaryllis E.P. review

Broken Flowers - Amaryllis E.P. review

Broken Flowers - Amaryllis E.P. review

Broken Flowers are a Leeds based 4 piece playing original American influenced Rock with a nod to Americana and Alt. Country. 

The band consists of Anna Mosley on Guitar, lead vocals and Mandolin, Darren Gibbs on Lead Guitar, Mike Brown on Bass and BVs, and Sean Hudson on Drums. The line-up has evolved over the last year but has now settled to form a cohesive and driven sound. Influences from Steve Earle to Fleetwood Mac, from Lucinda Williams to the Stones. If its got a strong melody and a prominent guitar then they have probably been a part of these musicians' life.

The band were kind enough to send us 3 tracks from the upcoming E.P. Amaryllis so we went about listening and here is what we thought.

Track one of the E.P. is These are the things. Straight off you can clearly feel and hear the Country music influence and to be honest it sounds like a band from Tennessee rather than up north in Leeds. Anna's vocals raspy yet crystal clear at the same time. The track is upbeat and whistles through with breakneck speed.

Track 3, Leaving rain , is a different kettle of fish and harks back to what we would expect of country music, soulful,heart wrenching and emotional but thoroughly gorgeous at the same time. With the wailing, cry-like strings of Darren Gibbs' guitar. You can almost see the rain falling outside hitting the windows of the wooden barn where Anna would probably be standing in the video.

Track 6, Nobody Knows, brings us back to a more energetic level again once again Anna's vocals piercing through the track with throaty goodness and Darren's guitar once again taking pride and place on the break. Its a foot thumping 5 mins which leaves you wanting more.

All in all a great E.P. and although I'm not a great fan of country music, I could definitely put this on and sing along whilst doing my best line dancing routine (cliche I know).

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