8 May 2014

Reptile Youth release the new video for Above

Reptile Youth new video Above

Reptile Youth release the new video for Above

REPTILE YOUTH have once again released another fantastic almost-short-film-come-music-video for their new single Above. Starring a bloodied and broken lead singer Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen , a bewildered bassist Esben Vall√łe and a supporting cast of a professional MMA fighters, east end looking villains and Geisha-like beauties that really create an intense and spellbinding piece of film. Directed by Lasse Martinussen, he had this to say about the inception and creative vision behind the video: 

The video is the result of my very first confrontation with the band years ago where I witnessed one of their early shows. I had heard about their crazy shows in China just before the show so they already had this strange, almost ancient, mythology around them. The lead singer was beyond performing; almost sacrificing himself to his biggest belief, while the bassist was hypnotizing through the music. It was something I had never experienced before, something tremendous, sexy, epic, violent and something I had to pursue. I tried to do with the video, what the performance did to me that night.” 

Above is part of their new album Rivers That Run For a Sea That Is Gone which is available here:

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