10 June 2014

APB release their brand new album Egos and Expectations

APB new album Egos and Expectations

APB release their brand new album Egos and Expectations

Toronto hip hop duo, APB (The Airplane Boys) announce the release of their brand new record ‘Egos and Expectations’ - OUT NOW via the Beau Monde Collective.

Toronto is known as a melting pot for many cultures, so we wanted to be as diverse and use as many colours as possible with our soundscape” - the melodies on ‘Egos and Expectations’ are stencilled by 90s Pop/R&B and the bass lines bounce with the funk and grooves they grew up on.  The storytelling takes the driver’s seat with smooth, rhythmic wordplay that draws from their real life experiences balancing “Love in relationships with others, as well as the music industry, but more importantly our love for ourselves.”

APB have had the opportunity to spread their creative movement around the world, traveling through the US, Canada, UK and all over Asia; whilst the whole time recording new music and shooting new videos. They thrive on the excitement and creativity of the ‘Information Age’ that we live in, crafting a very specific place for themselves in the current musical landscape whilst pushing boundaries constantly and working to provide fans with stimulating and fresh content wherever possible. They’ve managed to accomplish this right from their inception in 2011 and continue to do so on their new record ‘Egos and Expectations’, with the videos for new tracks Some Say and Harvest already showing that they’ve not only taken steps forward with their new music but giant leaps in both sound and concept.

Having already received critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Complex, Hypebeast, VICE, XXL, Vibe and MTV, their next step is to bring their raw rebellious sound to Europe. Raising the bar musically, creatively and within the worlds of art, fashion and design, APB is looking to establish themselves as the new creative class. 

‘Egos and Expectations’ is available now via free stream and download at

APB will be holding an ‘Egos and Expectations' record release show at Toronto's Virgin Mobile Mod Club on Sunday, July 20th. More details to be announced soon.

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