25 June 2014

Stickybackplastics announce first show and stream of E.P.

Stickybackplasticsfirst show stream of E.P.

Stickybackplastics announce first show and stream of E.P.

Roz Walker and Heather Niven met at a very 'civilised' garden party in deepest North Yorkshire after moving here over a decade ago, and quickly realised they had a great synergy for all things creative.

Before moving to York, Roz has ran her own stained glass business as well as having a stint as a motorcycle courier in London. Heather's background was as artist, gallery manager and shepherdess! Within a few month of their initial encounter both were preparing for a joint art show, and over the last ten years they have regularly exhibited together. Their work has a rhythm, expresses movement in nature, tangles of the subconscious and a magical ethereal quality. However 2D static art wasn't enough for the pair.

Vocalist Heather Niven comments: "There is something instant, forceful and immediate about singing, there is an excitement and passion like nothing I get from painting. Have you ever had goosebumps from looking at a painting? Music reaches a different part of you." 

Roz bought her first guitar just over three years ago and applied the same dedication to learning and experimenting as she did to art. Both Heather and Roz built songs together in their art studio in Kirkham, North Yorkshire until they were feeling good enough and ready to bring in other players to the band. Following a number of meetings over the years between Heather and Dom within York's vast creative network, a friendship and bond was formed that eventually led to him becoming the drummer. stickybackplastics. was born and the band headed into The White Rooms to record its debut self-titled EP with Ravens' Rob Dann taking up bass duties for the recording.

Stating their influences as Garbage, PJ Harvey and Portishead, the band are "driven by a shared desire to create great guitar and blues-driven rock music that emotes any type of emotion in the listener".

stickybackplastics. have released their first EP which is available now via Bandcamp on a pay what you like basis:

stickybackplastics. First show is on October 15, 2014 at The Fulford Arms, York.

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