25 June 2014

Norwegian band MK's Marvellous Medicine release Debut single

MK's Marvellous Medicine Debut single

Norwegian band MK's Marvellous Medicine release Debut single

The single Into The Sunset/Chasing Life, is the debut  from the Norwegian band MK's Marvellous Medicine. The trio did their first recordings with acclaimed producer Yngve L. Sætre. He was heavily involved in what the British newspaper Guardian refered to as “the Bergen Wave”. This release of bluesy and groovy guitar rock is available worldwide at all major streaming and download services from 6. June 2014.

Both songs are written by MK(Marie Kristin Dale) and recorded and mixed in the “old school” way during two days. This daring new power trio entered the scene when MK needed a band to play a gig. She teamed up with the locomotive Felix N Rudi on drums, and the Latvian bass virtuoso Ilvars Vitolins. Soon the trio found themselves gigging around, serving a fresh mix of blues guitar, soulful vocals, insane bass grooves and pushed forward by a real rock'n'roll drummer.

There is no denying that MK herself takes centre stage in this band. Her guitar abilities alone could carry her to stardom. And when it comes to singing, the soul influences make a welcome addition to the world of guitar music. It is MK's Marvellous Medicine!

MK's Marvellous Medicine is also featured on the well known festival Notodden Blues Festival this summer.

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