2 July 2014

Chicago's Lightfoils to release Debut LP Hierarchy

Chicago's Lightfoils Debut LP Hierarchy

Chicago's Lightfoils to release Debut LP Hierarchy

One of Chicago’s brightest new bands, Lightfoils pushes the shoegaze genre into new territory. Formed in 2010, the band is comprised of Neil Yodnane and Zeeshan Abbasi on guitars, Jane Zabeth on vocals, Cory Osborne on bass and John Rungger on drums. Lightfoils mean business. Building on the promise of their debut ep, Hierarchy was produced by Sanford Parker and does not disappoint. “Polar Waves” welcomes you with guitars that chime and ring, before the track slowly lifts you blissfully into space. Immediately following is “Last One”, which seethes with a simmering intensity and propulsive rhythm section, and you’re hooked. 

Only two tracks in, Lightfoils already own your soul. Hazy soundscapes, ringing guitar, icy synth, feather-light vocals, and actual compelling tunes, Lightfoils use Hierarchy to serve notice: their EP was no fluke, and they will no longer be ignored. If you’re new to Lightfoils, drop the needle on “Diastolic”, “Last One”, or the strangely compelling “alovetodestroy” and you’ll begin to understand what all the fuss is about. But there’s more than just three tracks to this album. Once you get inside, it’s a beautifully rich and textured world to explore.

They will also have an LP release party with A Sunny Day In Glasglow on July 8th at The Empty Bottle.

Lightfoils - Diastolic from Harrison Atkins on Vimeo.

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