8 July 2014

Haitian Singer Songwriter MOXiiE releases single Anyway

Haitian Singer Songwriter MOXiiE single Anyway

Haitian Singer Songwriter MOXiiE releases single Anyway

MOXiiE releases single 'Anyway' and it is pretty clear she is the new rising-star about to travel a super strong path.

After years of songwriting for others MOXiiE has taken the authentic leap to go solo with her talents and man is she a solid artist.

The Haitian heritage queen from Brooklyn easily claims the title of 'The Black Madonna' with this one, working her cultural influences and feisty looks into forceful musical blends and fusions. 

Her debut single 'Anyway' has the irresistible pop sing-a-long temptation and production delivers a totally fresh and punchy new sound for2014. Heavy synths pound us into the track and we are played out to a pianosolo at the end, all the while her instrumental voice suggestively serenades then suddenly gets on down into a gripping ballad.

MOXiiE collaborated with SAV on ‘Live Long’ released on MAD DECENT label
It will come as no surprise that comparisons have been made to SantiGold and Charlie XCX. 

Highest praise goes to MOXiiE as she has cleverly refined a sound which is often disjointed into a really punchy and synchronised wild track that is both artistry and instrument heavy.

Keep a watch over MOXiiE she is a musical powerhouse of a woman, working on new material … Be the first to feature this star. 

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