28 July 2014

Liverpool calling 2014 - Bombed out church review

Liverpool calling 2014 - Bombed out church review

Liverpool calling 2014 - Bombed out church review

Liverpool Calling, Now in its 2nd year, has boosted its venues and acts quite considerably. With the likes of the Kazimier and the Bombed out Church alongside The Zanzibar, Sound food and drink and studio 2, theres plenty to whet your appitite this time around.

First up for us though was the outside stage at the Kazimier with Rufus Hok. A bit of a strange setting amidst the benches and boxes but, in a rustic way, it worked. Rufus had his guitar in hand and went through his set with ease and entertained the crowd with his wit and charm which was in abundance. Meanwhile in the main room of the Kazimier Low Winter Sun set upon their brooding and dark set. Don't get me wrong, it isnt all moody and melancholy, there are upbeat moments during the set and the band themselves convey themselves well but it was all very reminiscent of the joy division era and although as a band they gel well and the songs are very tight and nicely paced it wasn't something I would readily go to see.

The bombed out church on berry street was another venue that had been stamped with the Liverpool Calling moniker and one which kept us there till the end. The vibe was happy and a mixture of music lovers and families sat on chairs and on the grass watching The Sundowners. This 5 piece from Liverpool, lead by singers Niamh Rowe and Fiona Skelly. Their energy and vibrancy shone through the already sunny light to exhilarate the crowds. Tracks like If wishes were horses and Hunter kept the audience on their toes whilst Hummingbird brought the vibe down only enough to be able to unleash again on the audience. I got the feeling of Fleetwood Mac from the band but Fleetwood Mac if you pumped 500 volts of electricity through them and set them loose with wild abandonment. A glorious set.

The good music kept on coming though from the bombed out church as Jetta took to the stage. The Liverpool born/London living singer boasts quite a repertoire of vocal talent. With songs like her debut single Start a Riot and Feels like coming home she almost blew the walls of the bombed out church apart. A wonderful and confident stage presence the set was far too short than I would have liked (possibly due to late running times) but hopefully we will see and hear more of her soon.

Finally it was time for the headliners Space. The venue by this point had filled up nicely but still prompted Double bass member Phil Hartley to ask them to move forward as they weren't about to play a garden party. 

Tommy Scott along with the other band members, were all on top form, ripping through the new songs from Attack of the mutant 50 foot kebab along with the classics  Neighbourhood and Female of the species, and so popular were these 2 tracks they played them again at the end of the set for an encore which ramped the crowd into a frenzy. Dare I say it but the band seem a lot now happier and relaxed since Jamie Murphy left and this was a big coup for Liverpool Calling and one that paid off 20 fold. 

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