15 October 2014

Nina Baker wins Best Unsigned Song 2014 at music awards

Nina Baker wins Best Unsigned Song 2014 music awards

Nina Baker wins Best Unsigned Song 2014 at music awards

Singer-Songwriter Nina Baker has beaten thousands of other musicians to see her debut song ‘Single Bed’ crowned Best Unsigned Song 2014.

Nina was nominated in the category alongside nine other UK based musicians but won convincingly with over 30% of the total vote.

Nina, the classical-trained pianist said "What a way to end the year! I have played huge festivals for the first time, my debut album ‘Quite Frankly’ has received great reviews worldwide and now to receive this prestigious award – It just caps an amazing 2014 and will give me a massive springboard into 2015” She added “When you write these songs in a bedroom, you do not think that they will have such wide-reaching appeal. I write what feels right to me, compositions that draw on my classical training and lyrics that express lessons that I have learned in life. If this music engages with people and invokes emotion, a laugh, a tear, a smile, then that is the greatest praise that you can offer me

Nina’s following has grown significantly in 2014 and she has gained friends in influential places, such as Mark Morriss, frontman of the Bluetones, who couldn’t resist having his say casting his vote for the eventual winner.

The awards, hosted by Best of British Unsigned, saw over 11,000 people vote for their favorite acts across four categories. Best of British Unsigned founder Matt Graveling said: “I believe the overwhelming number of votes cast this year just shows just how bored people are with being spoon fed the same old mass produced music.

Nina is a great example of an artist, still untouched by the curse of reality TV, who is making, fresh, honest music in the way that she wants to”.

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