9 December 2014

Arrested Development announce rare headline UK tour

Arrested Development headline UK tour

Arrested Development announce rare headline UK tour

Arrested Development (AD) are true trailblazers within hip-hop music. In 1991 they turned the hip-hop world upside down, slamming the gangsta-dominated scene with defiant lyrics of hope, pioneering what we know today as Conscious Rap. Their hit song “Mr. Wendal“ brought much needed attention to the plight of the homeless and the group gave half of that singles’ royalties to the National coalition of the homeless. Their smash hit “People Everyday” (Metamorphosis mix) addresses the tension between ignorance & consciousness, while paying homage to Sly and the Family Stone. Arrested Development were reportedly the first African–American artists to donate to the African National Congress (ANC) to end the pains of apartheid, which resulted in them sharing the stage with Nelson Mandela in South Africa in 1994.

In 1992 Rolling Stone Magazine named them band of the year in 1993 they became the first, and last rap group (thus far), to win the Grammy’s coveted Best New Artist award, also picking up the Best New Single award at the same time.

Citing the pressures of the music industry and conflicting ambitions for AD, the group disbanded in 1996 to pursue solo careers, however by 2001 they were back on the road again, touring intermittently until the turn of the millennium, when they re-emerged with a new lineup and a new album called “Heroes of the harvest”. The trials of before were replaced by inner peace, the pressures of the industry were lifted, and one of hip-hop’s best was back on stage.

Arrested Development has performed concerts in every corner of the world. In the UK, however, their visits were limited to festivals and one-off gigs, but now, 25 years since their formation, AGMP concerts is delighted to bring them for 8 headline shows across the country.

21 Feb - Chatham, The Britannia Theatre
24 Feb - Bristol, Marble Factory

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