5 December 2014

The Courtesans cover Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The Courtesans cover Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The Courtesans cover Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The Courtesans have garnered fans all over the globe further supported by their live UK shows, as inspriritors of confidence, empowerment and self-love: ever-evolving, never conforming. Which is quite fitting considering the controversial Frankie Goes To Hollywood outfit were back in the 80s.

'The Power of Love' á la Courtesan is brimming with dichotomy: frontwoman Sinead La Bella's pure vocals rub against with snarling hooks, tribal drums and in parts, ghostly doompop beats. Where Holly Johnson serenades, Sinead toys gently with the delivery of each lyric. Where Frankie  sings about light, The Courtesans pull this Christmas gem under their cloak of untamed velvet darkness as they bring this 1984 classic back to life.

Sitting most definitely within the realms of rock and in parts flirting with grinding metal sounds, those trademark Courtesans shifts between angelic vocals and grandiose backing underpin the atmosphere we've come to expect from the ladies.

It's a tall order to put 'The Power of Love' in its purest form into a single track and The Courtesans' take on it is a fitting triumph to a year of wins for the band, and a fresh taste of what fans can expect from the all-girl quartet in 2015.

It's the most direct proclamation of romantic love we can expect from The Courtesans: a dramatic, ripped-bare declaration of sweet yet raw spiritual yearning. Spreading love is ultimately the only thing that matters in our material world: a poignant undertone at this seasonal time of year. 'The Power of Love' performed by The Courtesans will be released digitally on 15 December - pre-sale links to follow.

The Courtesans have been busy plotting their next release (spring 2014) and returning to film its supporting clip, which I look forward to sharing very soon. In the meantime, the fiery quartet will be playing the following dates (please let me know if you can share with your audience).

The Courtesans live (more dates coming soon):

December 6 - Ruby Lounge, Manchester
December 24th The Boulevard, Wigan

February 14 - The Macbeth, London
February 27 - The Box, Crewe
February 28 - The Railway, Bolton

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