2 January 2015

Playhard Presents 
Penguins Rising,The Valves, Bad Wolf and China White

Penguins Rising,The Valves, Bad Wolf and China White

Playhard Presents 
Penguins Rising,The Valves, Bad Wolf and China White

Playhard is kicking off 2015 in style with raucous live bands and DJ's and dancing into the small hours.

Zak Starky (The Who, Oasis) along with dynamic front woman Sshh Liguz lead the charge of our top picks for 2015.

Don’t miss this extraordinary old school Rock and Indie club night! 





37 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PP

Tickets £8 on door or online at


Penguins Rising was born in a primal fashion. Writhing into the world not unlike The Creatures after The Banshees.

Early incarnations saw the band as a rocknroll 4 piece. They took a look at the scene and played a various London club nights including Gaz's Rockin Blues, 93 ft East and This Feeling.

Concentrating on writing they expanded musically to incorporate a range of styles. Creating a fusion of electronic, punk, funk, glam, rocknroll.

Taking to the stage once again to play with Kasabian and Beady Eye. Penguins performed as a duo with Zak Starkey on guitar, and Sshh Liguz on harmonica and vocals.

Reborn as PENGUINS RISING released 'HateMale' the film, featuring Perry Benson, at the end of 2013. It was well received and shown on a variety of online sources including MTV, Rolling Stone and BBC America.

The nucleus of PENGUINS RISING is Zak Starkey and Sshh Liguz. Although the line-up has evolved and has included 
Javier Weyler (Stereophonics) Darren Mooney (Primal Scream) Dale Davis (Amy Winehouse) and Julien Fenton (Arthur Brown).

2014 saw the band play a number of shows with Kasabian as well as various club gigs including

Proud Camden, The Macbeth, Reading Town Hall and the Ace Hotel.

The band continues its unique and exciting journey of sound that is 



Where as so many other bands scamper around their genres like little lost puppies, Bad Wolf mean business! They let rip and take you on a full-on trip, revealing the missing link between Indie and Punk with a full-throttle howl at the moon! Debut album "False Conscience" out now!

The Valves

The Valves was formed by frontman and lead guitarist, Mehdi Vismara in July 2013. The London three piece play Blues Rock ’n’ Roll with a Punk undertone. Influences include The Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Clash, Jonny Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Sun House, Jack White, The White Stripes to name a few.

Mixing big dirty guitar and bass riffs with a huge drum sound and overdriven vocals, the trio make anyone who has ever seen them want to move.

They are fairly new to the London scene, but have already made their mark as one of the most cool, exciting and energetic live shows in Rock & Roll.

At the end of 2013 they secured a recording session with Mick Jones of The Clash, based on his appreciation of the band, and recorded the song “57”. 

They have also supported various established acts such as Willie Nile and a UK tour with the band Gun.

With a high level of industry interest in the past couple of months, due to the quality of live shows performed, they are set to be one of the main culprits in the return of Rock & Roll and guitar based music.


China White pummelled the audience with their own brand of alternative music, incorporating guitars, symbols and bongo drums in a way that has never been seen before. Described by Rolling Stones producer Danny Saber as “… the most exciting, edgy band I have worked with since Black Grape,” it is easy to imagine the atmosphere they generated in the smoky Manchester venue. - See more at:

The U.S remix (unmastered) of the forthcoming single 'Time For Love' - It's produced by Tommy D (Death Row Records) Cornelius Mims (Michael Jackson / Snoop Dogg) feat vocals by Crystal Blake (Young M.C). 

China White mix (single version) in Abbey Road being mastered. Also the promo video for this track Co-Starring Keith Allen.

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