3 May 2010

Starman@Cruise Club Chester

Starman, Andrew Stone review - Cruise Club Chester

At Chester's own version of a 90's club, courtesy of a stuck in time DJ/MC, I'm waiting for Pineapple Dance Studio's Andrew Stone and his group Starman in Cruise Club's “Cool Brittania” room. The place is already packed and Sky One film crew are here to capture the whole thing for Pineapple Dance Studio's second series.
Finally the time has arrived for Starman to take the stage to applause and cheers of the crowd. The set kicks off with an 80's retro fest of poptastic tunes with Andrew Stone clearly in his element. This guy exudes energy on stage and clearly music is what makes him tick. With up close and personal crowd interaction, much to the delight of a few girls, he belts out his tunes including a never heard before cheeky little number called “Crack Back” which has more of a rock element but still with his trade mark 80's twist. Closely followed by, “I Don't Wanna Dance”, which is out for download now (in case you're interested), which sees Andrew booty shaking and gyrating with the audience involved their arms a-swaying to the mellow chorus, Andrew invites them all to join him upstairs in one of the many themed rooms so they can all get drunk with him.
Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Andrew Stone loves doing this and and he puts on a great show and he himself is a good showman so much so that you cannot help getting swept up in the Starman phenomena that is currently sweeping the UK.

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