1 May 2010

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The continued success of BRMC may come as some surprise to most as the band haven’t really had a major hit in a few years but when seeing them live you can understand why they still have such a huge following. This gig is no different as it is jam-packed to the rafters with punters all wanting a slice of the rock and roll pie.

If you like your bands with very little audience participation and lots of sneering darkness then BRMC are the band for you and by the reaction to their onstage entrance would imply this is exactly what their type of following insists on. Cranking it up as soon as the first chord is played we are subjected to 90 minutes of intensity and guitar thrashing the likes most probably have never seen in their lifetime.

Ranging from blues and blue grass harmonica induced songs through to acoustic ballads and thrusting through into T-Rex rock stomping beats, this is a non stop juggernaut filled with blackness and brooding which the clambering crowd are dragged through willingly and embrace with open arms.

If there were any negative comments about the night the only one I would point out was length of the set. Ninety minutes is a long time to stand in a heat soaked arena without a break but then again maybe that’s just my age speaking and I guess ending with the ever popular “Spread your Love” made it a worthwhile endurance and one I would gladly advise anyone to undertake.

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