28 May 2010

The Sugar Hill Gang @ The Masque Liverpool

Iconic. Original. Groundbreaking. Probably only some of the words that have described The Sugar Hill Gang over the years and they are gracing the venue of The Masque in Liverpool which probably has to be one of the biggest coups of the year for any music venue and the people who have paid to come and see the gang are plentiful so, they too, must know how much of a unique event this is. Being supported by the excellent Elementals isn’t too bad either. But more of them at a later date as tonight belongs to the Sugar Hill Gang and from the moment they enter the stage you know you are going to be in for a great gig and they do not disappoint. Playing to the Liverpool crowd, they manage to whip the excited punters into frenzy. Ok, maybe Wonder Mike singing “I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend” constantly between breaks in the songs eventually gets a tad annoying, but that’s probably the only criticism you can have. Even the bands new material seems fresh, young and vibrant and goes down a storm but obviously the song Apache drives the crowd insane along with Rappers Delight, which obviously, we have to wait till the end of the set to hear but surprisingly was just another great song in a whole line of songs performed during the night. The Sugar Hill Gang seemed to be having just as much fun, if not more, than the crowd themselves and for a group that have been around for 30 years you cannot go away thinking “that was one great gig! How come people half their age can’t do that?”

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