4 October 2010

Sandriver - EP Review

Hailing from Durham in the Northeast of the UK has entirely no reflection on the music the sandriver band compose and sing. The music they conjure up is more likely to remind you of the Mississippi and the deep south of America than a city in England. The sandriver band consists of Si Robinson on Guitar and vocals and Guy Siviour on Drums / percussion and their mix of blues and folk influenced music will definitely leave you wanting more.
We were lucky to be invited by the band to review their self titled E.P Sandriver.
Consisting of 6 songs the variation in sounds between them is vast. They cover blue grass, indie, blues, and folk and though at times very derivative they bring a unique and fresh outlook to the music. The slow and melancholy sounds and lyrics of songs such as Love will have you slipping back and wishing of an open log fire to crawl to. Where as in songs, like the reprisal and Kid Dust, are complete contrasts to this and make you want tap your feet and clap your hands. Though, as mentioned before, the songs can be derivative of other musicians, as in the song Letter to the Lovers which sounds not far off a Radio Head track, Si Robinson brings his own unique vocal talent to it so you are soon you are oblivious to any similarity that it may have had.

Over all this was a well rounded EP with much variation on each track so that you don’t become bored listening to it. It opens a new sound to many listeners who may not be familiar with blues and folk and puts a nice slant on the familiar sounds created in this genre

The EP can be downloaded at the site below

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