16 November 2010

The Liars @ The Static Gallery

As part of Liverpool Music week, The Liars are one of the highlights. The American group have been known for the dramatic styles in music and the potential for doing things off the cuff when playing live means that the anticipation for them has been high and with them running late on the night this only added to it.

When the group eventually emerge there is no messing about. Straight into the first track and suddenly you realise what they mean by dramatic styles. It almost sounds like the musicians are playing their own songs individual to each other but yet combining that to create one linear tune. Lead singer Angus Andrew’s vocals are spine tingling with screams that are primal and come from deep within. With drums beating loud and fast and a bass line to match, it sounds like a free for all. Each member of the band doing their own thing.

Although the crowd that had come to see the liars enjoyed it, I have to admit it wasn’t my kind of thing. Maybe it’s my age but I like my music constructed and concise. I like to be able to understand the vocals and at times it did seem the band were just creating a noise and the overwhelming sound of the 2 drum beats seemed to drown out the rest of the band. I admire them for doing their own thing but, for me the only thing I left with was ear ache.

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