14 November 2010

The Doors Alive @ The Stanley Theatre Liverpool

Friday night saw Stanley Hall transported back in time to the 1960’s as the UK’s number one
tribute band to The Doors paid a visit. As they took to the stage they had the look down to a tee,
especially “Jim” who was clad in leather pants, white shirt and love beads. The only thing that wasmissing was the obligatory bottle of Jack Daniels, instead they opted for Red Stripe as their on stage tipple.

With lead singer Willie aka Jim channelling Morrison to near perfection from the vocals to on stage presence, even staring off intensely into the crowd in between songs, Jim Morrison would be proud to know his legacy lives on in such a talented performer and allows the fans who never got to witness the actual Doors get a glimpse into what it may have been like.

With firm favourites like, Alabama Song (Whisky Bar), Light My Fire and Unknown Soldier recreated for you live, you can see why this tribute band has sold out gigs and back to back concerts at venues all over the UK.

Only let down for me and yes it’s a very minor one, was Roadhouse Blues. This is only because I love the live version by The Doors so much, mainly for Morrison’s live poetic on the spot lyrics and would personally have loved to have seen this recreated by The Doors Alive. Apart from that I can say with all honesty that this performance was faultless and would definitely go to see these guys again. They are back in Liverpool in January 2011 just in case you fancy a trip back in time.

Review by Alison Goggin

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