25 November 2010

Ringo Deathstar @ The 02 Academy Liverpool

Ringo Deathstarr. Sound like something out of Star Wars? Well nothing could be further. Hailing from Austin, Texas the trio consisting of singer and guitarist Elliott Frazier , Bassist Alex Gehring and Drummer Daniel Coborn have gone through numerous line up changes to end up at the O2 Academy supporting The Wedding Present.

Their sound is an amalgamation of Grunge, My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain but with more of the intensity that Nirvana brought to the world.

The first thing you notice about the band is the contrasting figures within the band. Elliot with his intense, downtrodden and focused image along side Alex’s rock chick look and with Daniel on drums counter-acting the both of them with his almost bright and cheeky look the trio work because of the variation. As does the contrasting vocals from Elliot and Alex. His deep, disturbed sound as opposed to Alex’s high pitched approach which puts you a little off guard at times.

The music itself is full on. Elliot’s guitar thrashing and wailing reminiscent of Mr Cobain himself. Throwing himself into the guitar solos with total abandonment helped along by Alex’s more down beat bass playing.

Unfortunately it seemed the soundman at the 02 had not done his job as the bands vocals were barely audible and the music drowning out the lyrics of which I would have liked to hear and with not much consideration for the band itself in the form of still showing the upcoming events on screens either side of the stage did not help the band showcase themselves properly, which I felt was a shame as they seem to have a lot of potential and would likely attract a good audience of young and old due to their new yet old sound.

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