26 November 2010

The Goo Goo Dolls @ O2 Academy Liverpool

I have to admit that I’ve never heard the Goo Goo Dolls and when I found out I was going to see
them I was expecting a female group. Thankfully I had the sense to look them up first!! I had a slight recognition of one song, “Iris”, which so happens to be the longest running number 1 in history on the billboard hot 100 airplay.

This being their first time back to Liverpool for 4 years, the gig itself was a laid back alternative rock affair with many of the favourites being played including “Slide” and Big Machine”. They also played some new tracks from latest album “Something For The Rest Of Us”. One track in particular, “Home” an extremely catchy rock number, was my favourite over the entire night. When I say “laid back” I should have omitted the inclusion of bassist Robby Takac who was like a man possessed. Jumping round the stage and contorting his face at the crowd whilst furiously playing his bass guitar.

John’s interaction with the crowd was relaxed and he seemed to be enjoying the rapport with the
over enthusiastic fans. And with the chords of The Goo Goo Dolls biggest hit “Iris” first hitting the air they became even more frantic as they sang along and waved their arms in the air. The only thing missing were glowing flames held aloft and swaying to and fro to from numerous lighters. Much like many a clich├ęd video from the eighties.

For me though, the biggest surprise of the night was how good the new material sounds. It certainly is far superior to a lot of their old tracks and breathes a fresh breath of well needed oxygen into a band that deserves far more recognition than they are given. Hopefully they will be doing the rounds of the UK festivals next year to allow this material to be aired to the masses.

A thoroughly enjoyable night and lets hope they don’t leave it another 4 years to play Liverpool.

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