4 December 2010

JIM NOIR @ The Static Gallery Liverpool

Its not easy to take yourself out on a cold,icy,snowy,windy and bitter Friday night but, like many of the people who turned up for the Jim Noir gig last night at the static gallery, I'm very glad i did. Harvest Suns promotions has laid on a number of gigs this year and this was definitely one of the most outstanding ones. I didn't expect much of a turn out, but was pleasantly surprised by the support for the gig and for Jim Himself. By the way if you are familiar with the name, its a homage to Vic Reeves whose real name is Jim Noir (just a factoid).
Jim's music is often described as psychedelic pop electronica and likened to the Beach Boys, The Beta Band and even Badly drawn boy but apart from the melodic, simple lyrics this is far as the connection went for me as the Static Gallery played host to one of the most enigmatic of musicians around. His enthusiasm seemed to physically pour out of him from the stage onto the crowd in front and with Jim and his band, playing at top neck speed and with such energy that it could have powered a city, it was easy to see why the crowd were infected by this and began to dance around like the possessed. And with the likes of "Eanie Meany" and tracks from his new LP Zooper Dooper on the play list it was easy to get caught up in the madness.
Ending on "My Patch" this saw Jim summon up friends from the crowd to accompany him on stage with harmonica and vocals and the whole event turned into one giant house party with Jim the host and all of us as the most welcome of guests. This was a gig full of energy,commitment and vibrance and this along with a feeling of fulfilment was taken with us as we braved the cold winter night air once more.

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