6 December 2010

Twisted Wheel @ The Masque, Liverpool

Last time we reviewed Twisted Wheel it was at the O2 Liverpool and for a different publication. This time around they are playing the Masque Theatre and a lot has changed since then.

As soon we headed into the auditorium in The Masque all you could hear was the crowd chanting “Wheel!! Wheel!! Wheel!!”as loud as they could in eager anticipation for their beloved Twisted Wheel to appear. The excitement from the crowd, mainly young and indie, was intense and the feeling of urgency was almost tangible.

Pretty soon they arrived on stage to thundering applause and from the 1st note both them and the crowd exuded so much energy it was difficult to decide who to watch.

The band themselves were once again on their finest rock form as they blasted out “You Stole the Sun”, “She’s A Weapon” and “Lucy The Castle” with the crowd singing along to every word. This reminded me of the reaction to Oasis back in their hey day. These guys maybe young but have a maturity that is beyond their years but when it comes to a live gig they definitely know how to work up a crowd into a bouncing near mosh pit frenzy. Crowd surfing and dancing along side the band was not enough for this crowd and on their final song " Oh What Have You Done" the young fans stormed the stage and engulfed lead singer Jonny Brown in a sea of hormones so much so that he vanished from the stage leaving only the drummer belting out the beat and the crowd still singing along as they sang and bounced along.

Leaving with that image and the lyrics of Twisted Wheel songs going round my head has only strengthened my belief that this band are on the verge of great things and not before time.

Review by: Alison Goggin

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