24 March 2012

Junkie Joker - Save The World Album review

Junkie Joker

Junkie Joker - Save The World Album review

Formed in 2009 by Eddy Limongi and Luciano De Lucca, with a passion for American and British music, Junkie Joker tries to deliver a honest mix of styles and influences in upbeat, uplifting songs, and they certainly do that with the Save the World Album.

Every tune on this album is likeable. It influences are apparent and they're love for American rock is apparent, from Bowling for Soup through to Blink 182. 

The guitar riffs are infectious as are the meaningful lyrics which make this band stand out from the usual hum drum you hear. The band mix both with ease and with style and the use of piano in songs like Stand are a touch of brilliance.

Lead singer, Luciano De Lucca, has a smooth yet rough approach to his vocals and they accompany the 2 guitars brilliantly. 

There's nothing I didn't like about this album and it the album ended far too soon also any band that gives all its proceeds from this album to a worthy cause such as the PDSA is OK in our book!!

Go download this album right now! I promise you wont be disappointed.

You can buy it here 

Junkie Joker’s Debut album Save the World was released on December 22nd 2011


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