20 May 2012

Sound City Liverpool 2012 review - Saturday

Sound City Liverpool 2012 review - Saturday

Well the final day of Sound City 2012 is here already and after three jam packed days of some of the best bands out there at the moment, it has been yet another triumphant success for its organizers. With so many genres of music available this year, there has been something for everyone. Highlights have included Space, The Wedding Present, Catfish and the Bottlemen and not forgetting Michael Kiwanuka, who should be seen live by anyone that has a love for music that tells a story and is sung from the very soul. Now onto the final days highlights. 

EJ @ Kazimier 

Joined on stage by guitarist,  James from London, young urban singer EJ has supported Jessie J on tour recently. Performing an array of covers, including "Domino", by Jessie J, in which she developed a fit of giggles half way through, "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry and "Free Falling" by Tom Petty. These songs allowed us to see that EJ has a great range of vocals and is definitely a talent to watch out for. Her bubbly personality shone through into her vocals and made you instantly like this young new talent. 

Dinner Ladies @ Liverpool Art Academy 

When we walked in to Liverpool Art Academy, it was to see what all the bustle was about in their and once inside, we could see why. The Dinner Ladies had taken to the stage and were giving a lively foot stomping performance. With a mix of saxophone, drums, clarinet, guitar and tabard wearing bass player Marigoldy, this was a band that captures the Scouse humour of the working class at its very core. With lead singer Pete Bentham singing about how Scouser's sit round all day smoking weed, cats and dogs and lorry drivers, you couldn’t help put end up with a massive smile on your face, especially as the entire band looked like they were having an absolute ball on stage. With backing singers/dancers "The Dinnerettes" joining them on stage to help out with dance actions and holding up the sign for the sing along song,  "Hip Potater" "a piss take on a couch potato who watches shit tv". Comedic rock n roll at its best!! 

The Wedding Present @ The Zanzibar 

With only lead singer, David Gedge left from the original line up that has been going since 1985, The wedding Present have constantly moved with the times and reinvented themselves and picked up a Guiness World Record along the way and tonight they were playing to a very packed out Zanzibar 
The set started off quite promisingly, with songs like, "My Favourite Dress" and "Meet Cute" echoing around the room, but as the set went on it seemed to me that they looked and sounded like they were just going through the motions and didn't really appear to have any get up and go in them at all. Whether the set picked up later on I can't say as we were onto pastures new but I hope for the audience that it did. 

Space @ Liverpool Arts Academy

After many years of separation, Space original line up, minus drummer, Andy Parle, whose untimely death has been replaced by Al Jones, who we met a few months ago and is a mighty replacement for the much loved Andy. The place was packed out 30 minutes before Space took to the stage, with mainly old skool dudes and dudettes with the obligatory jackets tied round their waists all with the eager anticipation of reliving their youth. Having been a pretty big Space fan myself at the age of 18 to say I was looking forward to it was an understatement. Finally Space came onto stage to massive applause and cheers from crowd. 
With lead singer, Tommy now sporting his Rockabilly look that has become synonymous with his solo venture, Tommy Scott and the Red Scare.  
They showcased old and new tracks throughout the performance,  including"Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab" which is also the title of the new album and of course firm favourites, "Avenging Angels and a very bizarre duet with Cerys Matthew's head on the big screen behind for "Tom Jones" Think Holly from Red Dwarf and you've got the picture.  
With the new material showing a more mature sound from Space, they are more headier rock vibe with an smidge of ska rolled in, you can definitely see that Tommy's lyrics and vocals have matured with him and we could see another Space take over very soon.  Only downside for their set had to be Jamie Murphy's sheer arrogance and attitude that seemed to grow each minute they were on stage. Breaking his guitar because it went out of tune and demanding a new drink because he spilt a bit of it is not a good look while you are in the middle of a comeback. Thankfully Tommy made light of the situations and the crowd didn’t let it ruin their enjoyment of an otherwise amazing set from them. So all in all a massive "YAY" to see the guys back doing what they do best.

Review by Alison Goggin
Photos Thomas Lennon HERE
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