15 April 2013

Terrorsum releases From The Soul


Terrorsum releases From The Soul

UK Rapper, Terrorsum has now released the latest and final visual of his current artistic career under the alias; Terrorsum. The track, produced by Yello Man brings back the core elements of Hip-Hop and asks the question, "Where's the message gone?".

'From The Soul' explores the boundaries of not only Hip-Hop but music as a whole; the way music has been commercialised and manufactured to sometimes wrongly influence it's listeners with a less than meaningful message and motive. The track includes everything that real Hip-Hop should entail from a powerful instrumental, conscious lyricism and a DJ-sampled chorus. 'From The Soul' is a track aimed at a portion of the industry who in discussion have brought up the topic; "Where have the real MC's gone?!"

The controversial visual shows Terrorsum trapped within a young fan's room surrounded by images of musically manufactured products. It portrays the fragile minds and young fans in which these products are commonly targeted at; by the symbolisation of soft toys and pre-teen items. We also see a Hip-Hop fan and a young girl become victims of 'commercial brainwash' by the means of force and choice, showing that fans can be manipulated musically in different ways be it peer pressure, product placement or by the often outspoken media.

'From The Soul' signifies the end of Terrorsum, the artist, it also symbolises a musical transition for Christian King that promises exciting material to be released in the foreseeable future.

'From The Soul' is a free download to show thanks to fans who have supported Terrorsum's music throughout his career.


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